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The Meriwether Lifestyle

Each person is unique, the culmination of a lifetime of experience, achievement and important relationships. The Meriwether lifestyle is designed to respect and celebrate that uniqueness.

We are committed to helping you continue your personal life journey in an environment where you feel cared about, enjoy the freedom to make choices and maintain the independence our services are designed to support.

  • We promise to treat you and your family the way we want to be treated: with acceptance, love and encouragement.
  • We promise to help you live your best life by offering a variety of exciting, fulfilling and meaningful activities.
  • We promise to maximize your social, intellectual, physical and spiritual wellbeing through our signature wellness program, LifeCycles.

Seasons Life Curriculum

The seasons of life are part of the human roadmap for living. In the same way, our Seasons Life Curriculum incorporates the natural rhythms and signposts of the human life experience.

The result is a new, yet natural approach to aging well and activities with unique features focused on creating a high quality of life.

  • Programs are all-inclusive and open to all ages. We encourage staff and family participation!
  • Community activities include memberships to cultural and community venues, such as museums and health or fitness facilities.
  • We offer a wide variety of choices, to meet your individual preferences and interests.
  • On-site, state-of-the art technology is incorporated into activity programs.
  • Life Enrichment Guides are on staff to assist you as you as they plot the course of your own life journey.

For a glimpse of what our residents enjoy each day, take a look at our daily LifeCycles calendar to see how we help residents make the most of each day.

Carefree Living & Assisted Living

The Seasons Life Curriculum focuses on experiential activities designed to support spiritual, social, physical and intellectual wellness through four innovative programs:

  • My Legacy gives residents the opportunity to connect with others, both within The Meriwether and in the community at large, to share their knowledge and skills, while making a difference in the lives of others.
  • My Connections creates bridges between residents and community organizations, based on their individual interests, to encourage civic and cultural involvement.
  • My Directions focuses on experiences connected to holistic wellness, including daily stretch and yoga classes, tour and travel opportunities and wellness retreats.
  • My Mind embraces the philosophy of lifelong learning with activities that stimulate the intellect and provide opportunities to explore all there is to discover and learn, at any age!

For those in our memory care neighborhood, activity engagement and enrichment are also a key part of helping to make the most of every day.

Here, the Seasons Life Curriculum incorporates reassuring routines, familiar activities, and lots of time spent with children and pets as well as out in the fresh air and sunshine.

  • Until there’s a cure, activities that promote physical, spiritual, social and intellectual wellness are also the best way to manage and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Our weekly themes are designed to spark good memories, create moments of joy and encourage positive connections with family and friends.
  • Staff are specially trained to adapt activities and use communication tools to focus on what the individual’s capabilities, maximizing self-esteem and minimizing frustration.
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